Escape Strategies With Executive Protection Training

Kidnap encounters have five Phases: capture, transportation, consolidation, holding and conclusion. The moment of catch has the maximum risk for executives. However, it might be the most dangerous time for your intended victim but also the ideal time for escape. The kidnappers themselves are worried, nervous and more likely to make errors. Executive defense tactics cause a split second of hesitation – the best opportunity for escape.

During The first abduction stage, kidnappers will present a devastating series of force to minimize potential resistance. However, in these early phases kidnappers could be thrown off guard when the executive handles or his bodyguard to move fast enough to benefit from this situation and create an opportunity for escape. An Escape should not be a fight or flight panic response. Executives are advised to design, plan and examine their escape routes before a situation occurs. An escape is breaking away from kidnappers when surrounded; it is the action you take to break free from kidnappers during their attempt to catch you and take you hostage. The best time to escape is right away in the scene of the attempted kidnapping.

The Key element in surviving an attempted abduction is to escape immediately. For any kind of kidnap threat, the first five seconds is the important escape window. In the first abduction stage, resisting the kidnapper frequently works to make strategies to vip protection training courses. If the executive sees the danger since it develops and acts immediately, there’s a much better probability of escaping. On the other hand, if the executive is caught completely off guard, kidnappers have all of the benefits. When the escape window gets closed, kidnappers are going to be in control.

Do not let kidnappers to take you from the principal location to a secondary site. Statistically, you have a better prospect of escaping immediately than letting yourself be taken to a secondary site. Generally the target is going to be restrained with handcuffs, blindfolded and drugged with an anesthetic while being hauled from a primary to a secondary place for confinement, making escape difficult.

Therefore, escape immediately. If needed, use your hit-and-run approaches to divert the kidnappers. Your escape method needs to be to run to a safe haven. Your path of travel can be preplanned or unplanned in an effort to depart the scene of an attempted kidnapping. Proceed to a secure place – anywhere that is illuminated well, has other people around and is secure. A safe haven is a place where you are no more vulnerable; it could incorporate a crowded shopping mall, local police station, military installation, embassy or consulate, resort or medical center.