It Is A Worthy Watch And An Unique Film: Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a movie that has the most strong and powerful message. As everyone knows that jallikattu is kind of a game in certain areas of the south but then it also tells what animal will go through all that process. Eating an animal is not a wrong thing definitely but that is not exactly an animal ‘s needs. Jallikattu movie talks about the mindset of the people, everyone has the different perspective of the people where some people don’t like to eat the meat but some people become wild and might think of eating human flesh as well. Action movies online are available on Aha. Watch Jallikattu movie online which is only available on Aha in telugu.


Jallikattu is the movie which must be definitely watched by all the people, everyone loves to eat meat. People are very wild differ from the circumstances. This is the story in the village, there is only one meat shop where you get all kinds of meat freshly. KaalanVarkey is the owner of that meat shop. The movie begins with a very different and mild music in the background. One fine day where everything is going good, one of the bulls from the shed escapes and tries to damage the property and runs around the village. People get very scared and don’t know what to do because everyone tried their best and even the police gave their hand into it. People decide to call someone who got a master mind into all the stuff like this. They decide to camp and get hold of the bull in the night. When every man of the village is hiding and looking for the bull, someone raises the point that human flesh has much more taste than the animal’s meat. The question of humanity raised and watch the movie to know will villagers be able to get the bull back to the shed.

Technical Aspects:

  • Jallikattu is an extraordinary movie which has the most excellent storyline, it has the fresh and unique kind of story which will hit the mindsets of the people.
  • This movie has amazing music, Jallikattu movie has mild and dark music which tells that something intense and high is going to happen.
  • This movie has the most amazing cinematography, even though most of the movie was shot in dark everything looked classy.
  • Jallikattu movie is really impressive for its only technical aspects, all of them seemed really natural and extraordinary.


Cast & Crew:

Actor: Antony Varghese

Other actors: Chemban Vinod Jose, SabumonAbdusamad

Director: Lijo Jose Pellissery

Producer: O. Thomas Panicker

Writer: S. Hareesh, R. Jayakumar

Based On: Maoist by S. Hareesh

Cinematography: Girish Gangadharan

Editing: Deepu Joseph

Music Director: Prashant Pillai

Production company: Opus Penta

Distributed by: Friday Film House

More Information:

Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes

Released: 04 October 2019

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense.

Budget: 3CR

Box Office Collection: 20CR

Action movies online are available on Aha. Watch Jallikattu movie online which is only available on Aha in telugu.