Reasons to Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business

Of all the home businesses out there, window cleaning businesses may be one of the best kept secrets around. A great many people think of window cleaning as a low paying, low potential, snort work job, and therefore they never give it a closer look. Yet, in reality window cleaning is a profoundly profitable, low overhead, easy to start and run business.

Window Cleaning

Let us take a look at what makes window cleaning a particularly great business to start:

– Low Startup Cost – You can literally get your business going for $100.00 or less.

– Low Overhead – For many window cleaners the only expenses they have are gas, and replacement cleaning supplies. The only other expense you may have is liability insurance. Insurance is not required, however is nice to have. Insurance for window cleaners runs $400 to $800 per year.

– Extremely Profitable – Tips for cleaning businesses average between $40 to $100 dollars per hour depending upon the job and the speed of the window cleaner. It is very easy for a one or two person window cleaning operation to bring in $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

– High Demand for Services – People’s lives continue to become more occupied and hectic on a daily basis, and they simply do not have time to clean their own windows, therefore they pay to have them cleaned, even people who do have time to clean their own windows often would prefer to pay to have them professionally cleaned. 1 in 3 houses in the US have their windows cleaned at least once a year

– Unlimited Growth Potential – The population is booming, new homes and businesses are being worked in huge numbers, and so instead of your market becoming saturated, it is instead growing larger each and every year.

– Easy Work – Cleaning windows is very easy to do; anyone from a teenager to a senior citizen can do it. It is also very easy to train new employees.

There you have only a couple of the top reasons why window cleaning is profitable and why starting your own window cleaning business is a particularly good idea.