Beginning a new disaster relief program

Think that it is a wonderful time in our history. Mankind is really showing their skills, they are visible because all ideas are brought into physical being symbols of thought. Peace and war are demonstrations of thought. Disasters are symbols of the thinking of society. For People that Are mindful of the recent Tsunami event in South East Asia and are not able to donate money to the relief funds, there is something equally as important that you can do and it does not require you sending it gifts or doing anything.

First read this week’s Channeled Message. Joseth has done an excellent job of explaining why it occurred.

Second, and possibly Even more significant; the thing which you could do is not think about it. Do not provide any electricity to the disaster. Give a world that is wholesome ideas and you and I will experience a world that is healthy.


Your thought about the World is what is creating the situation that we are experiencing. You do not need to have money to send to some aid fund stop creating victims. Your gift is one of reality that is positive. God did not create this occasion, you did, and we did. Do not turn to God you would not get any. Look inside at your thoughts and the answers will be found by you.

Part of the world is suffering and we all are experiencing it. It does not have to be like that. It was not created from out of ourselves. Clearly it is a personal issue and a global like to go to the bottom line see contributions and relief funds. The events have the significance that it is as an individual given by you. There are numerous chances for you to express who you are organizing bashir dawood. One of these options is if the choice expresses who you are. In doing so take care in whatever you have chosen to do that you are feeling good about it and are not doing it out of guilt.

Instead of Bandaging, I prefer to focus on being healthy. Medicine is economical in resources and time. It all begins in your Mind, with then and your ideas are created physically. If you recognize how it works then why not simply take the shortcut and think positively and you will experience it. Nurses, Physicians, care Emergency response services, givers disaster relief funds are symbols of thinking. We know that we will need them, so we make the scenarios that warrant those ideas; we get ill, have accidents and natural disasters. At can get beyond these symbols and move to an awareness of becoming whole, they will all disappear from our expertise.