Manage Maintenance Repair and Operations – Enhancing Your Procurement Productivity

The key to winning support from your senior management and the benefits that go with it would be to show them how successful you are. Productivity in Procurement is a function of the value you add and the time you choose to add it. So, raising the value, reducing the opportunity to deliver a mixture of both would be the ways you can demonstrate how your productivity is on an upward curve. Here are ten tips for improving your own personal procurement productivity.

  1. Identify where you add value. Whatever your role in theĀ mro industry section, the things you do will have a client even if it is an internal one. Ask yourself how this client uses your output and if there are additional things you can do to assist them. Value often comes from doing things faster, better or cheaper. Additionally, the more people using your output the larger the value to your organization so figure out if there’s anyone else who could use your services.
  2. Find a more creative solution. The means to do it is to think about the tasks which you take out and ask what if the job was. . ? Followed by an appropriate adjective such as larger, smaller, shared, and removed. This will provide you with a statement which you can use to trigger ideas for how it might be done differently. Use a colleague to act as devil’s advocate and challenge your thinking.
  3. Plan how you are going to implement this solution. There’s a saying perfect preparation prevents poor performance. So, create a list of all of the things you will have to do or find out to make the implementation of your solution ideal. Turn this into a strategy with a timeline that clearly reveals any dependencies between the tasks, the important milestones, the deliverables, that wants to do what and by when.
  4. Allocate your time. Time Management is a term often used to describe an approach for this. The reality though is that no one can handle time, it is what it is and all of us get the same amount – all you can do is to handle yourself in the time available. So ensure that you devote your time to the main tasks. Draw a two by two matrix with significance of activity on one axis and urgency of activity on the other. Divide each matrix too high and low to offer you four boxes. Now allocate each task to one of those boxes and then priorities the one labeled high importance and high urgency. Do not do any other tasks till you have completed these.